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Dynamic People, Stellar Service…
That’s How We Roll!

Like most companies in the ground delivery business we have cars, trucks, and software that enable us to provide our services. However there is an important element that sets us apart from others, our culture. We are passionate about providing operational excellence and believe the best customer service is delivered in a friendly open way. We truly care about you, your company, and every shipment you trust with Star.

Time-critical shipments can be inconvenient, worrisome and stressful. Whether it’s the middle of the night, weekends, or holidays, we will take care of it. That’s when we shine! Star Delivery gives you a dependable, worry free service providing more time and freedom in your busy life.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality services in a consistent, friendly, enthusiastic, personalized manner.

Dynamic People, Delivering Peace of Mind…That’s the Star Difference!